Thursday, 12 June 2008

Build Affordable Homes Now!

Like any working mother one of my concerns is the future our children will face in the decades ahead. One of the issues that I feel strongly about is the lack of affordable housing. Many of Usdaw members are on low wages and even affording to put down a deposit for a house is an unobtainable dream. So what chance for our children?

One of the campaigns I believe the trade union should be shouting about is the housing crisis. There is embarrassment by some of the leadership in Usdaw to criticise the New Labour government. Labour has lost its socialist roots and many of Labour’s leaders have a get rich mentality Tony Blair has just bought his sixth house for £4 million.

· The four million already on waiting lists for housing will be joined by another million according to the Local Government Association.

· A Shelter report last year exposed the fact that 500,000 families live in overcrowded conditions, this means that 900,000 children in 21st century Britain are brought up in cramped housing conditions.

I believe not one family should lose their home from repossession. If Northern Rock can be bailed out to the tune of £61 billion, then so can families and individuals unable to keep up mortgage payments due to the current credit squeeze and high interest rates.

I believe there should a massive council house-building programme, which would mean a low rent and secure home which is the only way we can solve this current housing crisis.

I believe the banks and building societies should be nationalised and run under democratic working-class control and management.

Thanks you for looking at my programme and if you can help in promoting my campaign then please contact me.

Robbie Segal

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Highwayman said...

Robbie found the quote in the Gurdian. It shows how right you are.

"The National House Building Council, with 20,000 registered housebuilders on its books, said there were 6,890 starts in the private sector in May, compared with 15,713 last year. This is a drop of 56%.

"The number of public-sector houses being built is also decreasing with 2,699 houses being built this year, compared with 4,306 in May 2007.

"About 60% of social housing is built by private developers.