Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Usdaw General Secretary Election - Nominate Robbie Segal

• Fight for a living wage
• Against partnership
• Fight for trade union democracy
• A General Secretary on a worker’s wage

Dear Usdaw member,
I am asking for your nomination for the position of Usdaw’s general secretary. I have been a trade union member since the age of 19. I have worked for Tesco stores in Folkestone for the past 22 years and I have been an active shop steward for 21 years. I have held senior positions at branch, regional and national levels of USDAW and served on the EC for 9 years.
A Living Wage: I will launch a campaign to fight for a living minimum wage of £8 per hour for all retail workers, from 16 years to retirement age. I will fight to link pensions to earnings.
Yes to National free collective bargaining - No to Partnership: I will re-establish Usdaw as an independent trade union. I will fight to restore our vote on pay and campaign to resist Tesco’s proposed 2% target for absence.
Fight for Union democracy: I will return power to the Union’s elected lay-member Executive Council and ensure proper EC minutes are produced as agreed by ADM.
For a General Secretary on a worker’s wage: I reject the wage and the benefits totalling over £100,000 that John Hannett, the General Secretary, receives and the General Secretary’s Jaguar Car. I will take the wage that I earn as a Tesco worker and all necessary expenses will be open to scrutiny so that any member can check them. The money released will be used to campaign on our members benefit.

Name:Robbie Segal
Trade in which Nominee is employed: Retail
Address:29 Hawkins Road, Folkestone, Kent, CT19 4JA
Occupation:Wages Clerk
Nominee’s Branch:HO84
Present Age:59
Nominee’s Membership Number 00098216
Name and Address of Employer: Tesco Stores Ltd, Cheriton High Street, Folkestone, Kent, CT19 4QJ
The last date for the return of the nomination paper is 14 July 2008
visit www.robbiesegal.org or email robbie@robbiesegal.org or mob-07776195563

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